New Vehicle

When you take delivery of that brand-new vehicle, you want to keep it looking in top condition for as long as you can. Booking your new car or bike in with us, will help to protect your paintwork from contaminant build up, prevents scratches and helps to maintain that stunning new car look.

We are often asked why you need to get a new car or bike detailed and the simple answer is that sadly due to lack of time (and sometimes attention), your vehicle can already have picked up minor scratches, swirls and contamination when you take delivery from the garage. With our new vehicle detailing service, your car or bike will receive a deep cleanse to remove all contaminants and imperfections and we will carry out a single stage machine polish to correct any early swirls or minor scratches. Then it is down to you to choose which protection you would like from our range of Swissvax or Gtechniq waxes and ceramics.

If you want to go for full protection, we can apply Paint Protection Film which is a self-healing transparent film that protects against wear and tear, scratches, paint chips and swirl marks. Our Xpel Protection Film comes with a warranty of 10 years for cars against peeling, yellowing, staining, hazing and cracking, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Whether your car is brand new from the garage, or new to you, after one of our new car protection packages, it will leave us smooth, glossy and highly protected.

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