Paint Protection Film

Many vehicles suffer from car paint chips, scratches and swirl marks which can leave their paintwork looking hazy and in need of new life.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could protect our investment from the daily wear and tear, with very little effort? Now you can!

Xpel Ultimate Gloss & Stealth Matte are a revolutionary high-quality car paintwork film. It provides a protection layer that is scratch healing, self healing and stain resistant. This top-quality film will keep your car looking top of its game for longer.

Carrying a 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining and hazing, Xpel is a clear coating car film that will add value to your car.

The unnoticeable film is safely printed to shape at our studio in Perth Central Scotland before being placed on the car, leaving it smooth, glossy and highly protected.

Our PPF is made from a polyurethane film at around 1.2 mills thick, it offers a clear or satin (depending on preference) shield like protection to the surface it has been applied.

Due to the design and thickness of our Xpel PPF, it will absorb impact such as stone chips and minor bumper scrapes, as well as protecting from bird droppings and other harsh environmental factors. Xpel PPF provides industry leading PPF films for the market for automotive protection.

Ultimate Gloss Stealth Matte